Systems Integrations

Celox Group have extensive experience integrating infrastructure and systems from complete business estamblishment,


Celox Group has extensive experience integrating infrastructure and systems from complete campus establishment through to static and mobile networks, security systems, servers and business continuity. We ensure that the service integrates with your environment with design, supplier management, equipment acceptance and installation, configuration, and final commissioning. Many of our one-off implementations have become long-term clients with Celox Group providing on-going IT call support or in-depth infrastructure support through the Pre-emptive Support service.


Celox Group support your calls for assistance with hardware or system issues with same business day response either on-site or remote for non-critical issues. For critical issues, Celox Group guarantee to be on your site within 4 hours. The support arrangements are customised to meet each client’s particular needs.


Post-integration, the Celox Group’s Pre-emptive Support helps ensure your IT environment retains high availability and high performance.


Remote 24/7 real-time monitoring of your IT infrastructure
Scheduled joint reviews covering performance of infrastructure including optimisation of servers and networks, issue review; forward load planning
Security review – Anti-Malware, Endpoint Protection, and Next-Gen Firewalls
Business continuity review including disaster recovery
Hardware and software expenditure planning
Ensuring system documentation is kept up to date
Maintenance costs review
Assessing the user experience with a monthly face-to-face user meeting


As part of our overall support in caring for your infrastructure, Celox Group will work with you maintain your IT infrastructure including patch deployment, network and server implementations, equipment changeover e.g. warranty or lifecycle swap-outs, cabling, and ensure routine upgrades and maintenance are performed according to schedule.