Cloud Services

Access your IT environment anywhere, anytime.

Cloud Services

Cloud-based computing is rapidly gaining traction throughout the public and private sector as an operational platform that reduces complexity and provides anywhere/anytime access for internal and external users, and a business continuity platform. The Celox Group’s cloud runs on its own infrastructure located in NextDC’s highly secure Tier III data centre (Tier III includes redundant data paths, cooling, multiple power backup systems) located within Australian shores. No data in our cloud is replicated offshore or to any other public cloud. We respect the privacy of our client’s data and do not support data harvesting.

Virtual Office as a service


Virtual Office also known as Virtual Desktop or Desktop as a Service (DaaS) allows a user to access their full suite of applications on any device connected over any network via the internet. Staff, teachers, students, in fact anyone associated with the institution can operate as if they were within their work environment from anywhere they can access the internet. Virtual Office simplifies your IT by centralising all your applications and data in our secure cloud-based server. It allows you to mobilise your users and maintain high-level security regardless of where your users access your system.


Virtual Private Server (VPS) is where your applications and data reside in the Celox Group cloud data centre. Each VPS is a completely independent virtual infrastructure also known as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) containing your private virtual machine data, network and storage, accessed through a user friendly self-service portal. Your VPS is your fully flexible private IT centre. The capabilities of your VPS are dynamic and can be enhanced in line with your requirements. Need extra capacity to support your client service team during the enrolment period? You can quickly and easily increase your VPS’s processing power and storage capacity to meet peak loads.



Celox Group Web Hosting, a service whereby we host your website in the Celox Group cloud data centre. The content is provided by you and offers a very cost effective website platform in an extreme high availability data centre.