Hosting your choice of LMS In-house

Hosted LMS for ELICOS VET Higher Education

Celox Group have extensive experience in the education sector in implementing open-course LMS for (HE, VET, ELICOS) from initial needs analysis and infrastructure planning through to implementation and support in your in-house environment. We work with your team to ensure your LMS implementation meets your needs whether it be in your infrastructure or with your cloud provider.

Hosted LMS

Hosted LMS for ELICOS VET Higher Education

We offer a complete hosted LMS implementation in our secure cloud supported in an Australian Tier III data centre. You can be assured that your data is held in compliance with government regulations for Australian educational institutions, is accessible by you in your own private virtual space, and is secured under a backup and disaster recovery policy that we develop with you.

We have worked with many educational institutions in project scoping, transitioning their systems to a new hosted environment within our cloud, and then receiving our customized on-going support.

Our Celox Group Cloud solutions are scalable in line with your needs ensuring your investment is protected.


Our LMS service include



LMS release upgrades

Data migration

Celox Group cloud-based hosting

Project Management and co-ordination

Security policy development and implementation

Support and Maintenance